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  3. Black Ops 3 Matchmaking Changes Removed Following Controversy

It is the fifteenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series. For detailed descriptions, please visit our Rules page. Simply go to new. I've been trying to make a concentrated effort to get better at CoD through Black Ops 4, and I'm getting severe headaches from the stress of not making any progress constantly being placed in matches against people that outclass me, so I googled to see if there was potentially an option I was missing that offered newer players the chance to actually learn the game and it seems like there's a huge amount of backlash against this when it's implemented?

Is there an element to it or bit of history that I'm missing?

Skill based matchmaking. - Activision Community

You'll get better playing against better people, just keep playing. It might be annoying at first, but you'll get there. Got this one though and it's refreshing BUT everyone takes this game so damned seriously. I miss the old halo days when everyone was having a laugh and ggs all around. Because cod is not a competitive shooter. When the add competitive ranked mode it uses sbmm. If you want to learn the game practice against bots offline and gradually increase the skill level of them.

Once you get good against veteran bots you should be at least ok against avg players. Same, mostly I have noticed people want to perserve there insanely high kds as it makes them feel elevated from everyone else. But also the game is hard to balance with a literal fresh start and someone could just do that over and over again playing with noobs Who knows just seems like problems with and without a system personally I think there should be one so I dont have to play a game in which the other team cant get attachments.

If you are very good or very bad, they can put you in a lobby across the States. Sure, they look functional on paper, but once put into play, that house of cards Kevin Spacey reference is going to topple due to instability and exploits.

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We'll never have a "true" solution, only speculation Wow, that got philosophical fast. That's the whole point of SBMM--to pit you up against similarly if not identically skilled players. It would take a while for a high prestige player with a high SPM to lower that number on purpose. The term is called reverse boosting.

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Generally, though, unless you're a Youtuber looking to make money on dominating gameplays, nobody's going to really bother with that much effort involved. And newer players who either got lucky or had a great score against other less experienced players will eventually get crushed by the good players and be bumped down to lesser competition. A weapon, no matter how OP, does not instantly make somebody who just picked up CoD into a great player.

The line between good and bad players is really not that blurry, IMHO. CoD has always been about the luck of the draw in terms of success in lobbies. If you're a skilled and experienced player, you increase your chances to dominate most random lobbies. If you're new to the game, you're going to get punished until you get better.

It's really like paying your dues. I got my butt handed to me in CoD4 but I understood that I sucked and had no problem with getting matched up with better players most of the time. I'm sorry but anyone arguing this game doesn't have sbmm go create another trial account. And go play a couple matches. You'll see the difference immediately. Yeah, when you first start out they match you up with all new players.

Black Ops 3 Matchmaking Changes Removed Following Controversy

I don't see any of those people anymore. I'm okay with a little competition but not every damn match. Getting tired of only playing tryhards who only use 3 different weapons max. Probably shouldn't be playing online, then. You guys are a bunch of clowns.

See, what I would like is playstyle based matchmaking, not necessarily skill, but it'd be a factor. Basically, pick out the people that tend to use only one weapon, one set of perks, etc. Do it such that people play others like them so that the good players who mix up their game don't have to deal with tryhards as often.

They can play against other people who mix up their play so the matches can be interesting. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

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  8. HeroicBloodshed HeroicBloodshed 4 years ago 1 Should skill based matchmaking be in the game for public lobbies? So there's been a lot of speculation that the lobbies are not entirely based on connection like in previous CoDs. Instead, they are matching people up with other players of similar skill ala Black Ops 2. It looks to be SPM based but that's just me speculating.