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When you disappear for days on end cramming for exams, remember to consider the feelings and needs of your partner. Alex is an aspiring pediatrician who wishes to be highly involved in the community, as a patient advocate and potential community clinic leader. He blogged for the Merck Manual Student Stories blog from - Latest posts by Stephan see all. Next Post Wearing Down. Sometimes even that day. It's amazing the level of confidence you can build with casual dating.

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The first person I ever met up with the day we started messaging is actually a semi-active member of this sub. And he's pretty rad, though we only got together that one time. I don't know about casual dating. I did it for a while after my last gf and realize I'm the kinda guy who's either in or out. I know what I want and either go big or go home So I find myself quickly bored on dates. Is okcupid just for those who like to date around? I am not overly traditional but Ill just say I'm far from poly. I just want to meet people who are in or out, and have in the last and it's great!

It seems like okcupid might lend itself to indecision and option overload, especially for women.

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Is it reasonable to just put "I don't send messages but would be happy to reply to yours if you see something you might like here" at the bottom of my profile? That way I know there's a strong interest from the start? In real life I can tell when there is only a little bit of interest and usually just pass. I don't think so, not necessarily at least. I've had luck with it, but I've also run into a lot of people who want something more serious. Yeah, I'm worried about this a bit.

On one hand I don't want to scare away anyone, on the other it would suck to start something good with a woman naive to the demands of the career and have it go sour in result. I'm thinking about mentioning how involved I get when I meet someone to show balance.

Med School: Relationships

Truth is, I put more than half my efforts and time into women and family. I slacked through undergrad and have never brought work home with me. I'm proud of this but I know my life will be: I'm happy with that idea but don't know if it is overly personal to share on the internet.

As a fellow eternal student I would think saying that you are nerdy and science obsessed will attract the type of girl who is compatible with you at least I'm attracted to those who openly list that. You can't help what some may think when they see "med student" there will always be those who will just think of you as a future doctor and attracted to that ideal , but you'll be able to tell those people a part once you meet and get to know them.

Finding time

Hmmm thanks for your perspective. Yeah I might say something like I did in this post if it didn't sound so damaged hahaha. Damn, truth is I think it would be cool to date a nerdy girl like a med student but there is only one school in my province. Premeds might be close but they'd be most likely to idealize. I've already ran into it a bit. Well there might be other schools nearby? Or just other professionals who are intellectual and interested in similar things. I personally have not dated a med student, but I wouldn't be opposed. I went on a date with a med researcher, it was pleasant and we had enough in common and differences that made it quite nice.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. When he learned that she had never been to the Oregon coast, Dr. Homertgen suggested a day trip to the beach. Homertgen, who specializes in family medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment in Albany, Ore. The pair then drove an hour to the coast, where they made stilted conversation among the sand, rocks and waves for several hours before traveling back together.

Homertgen learned from that experience—his subsequent dates were shorter and more casual. A year ago, he made an exception to this rule and agreed to meet a woman for dinner.

Romance in medical school? These students say yes - The DO

She was a nurse, a fellow vegan and a yoga enthusiast. They hit it off. Other single physicians will likely relate to Dr. They have strong earning potential, intellect and a noble profession. In fact, physician, nurse or other health professional was ranked the No. The general population also finds physicians to be exceptionally trustworthy, the survey found.

However, he quickly adds that more people may be interested in the idea of dating a physician than the reality.

The other match results: DOs talk dating, relationships

People are initially interested, but when they see how busy their partner is, it might get kind of old. This falls in line, to a degree, with what Christie Nightingale, the principal of Premier Match, a high-end matchmaking firm, has seen in her work. Dating is even more important when you are busy. You need to give yourself a way to relax and have fun in a nonmedical atmosphere. Nguyen, who is a neuromuscular medicine fellow in Sacramento, Calif. But the positive attributes physicians usually bring to dating, such as confidence and independence, can outweigh the drawbacks.

Self-knowledge is a positive attribute that you can bring to any relationship. Compared with male DOs, a higher percentage of female DOs are single. And DOs of both genders enjoy the added benefit of job security, particularly in primary care, which makes them more appealing to potential dates.

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And family physicians are known for their compassion and devotion, which are also fantastic qualities to have in a partner.