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  1. Pritchard deus ex dating service. Deus Ex message while in police storage locker.
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  4. This game provides examples of:

The combinations to the storage pods in Hengsha across from the Alice Garden Pod Hotel are graffitied on the walls next to each pod - the underlined numbers are the passwords to each locker. The creators mention in the Director's Cut that most of the staff didn't even realize this. Adam Jensen has a hexagon imbedded in his forehead with a little logo in it. Electrified water is an occasional hazard in this game. It does gradual damage but it can still kill you if you're not paying attention.

Although you can get an augmentation that renders you immune. Used frequently by powerful people who don't want to bother with phone calls. Unusually for sci-fi, these holograms have very high quality, to the point where on their first encounter with one most players will say, "Hey, there's two people in Sarif's office - wait, did that other guy teleport out or something?

Used by Bob Page in the introductory cutscene, complete with Hard Light keyboard. Also, most other computers seem to have holographic monitors. A holographic globe can be seen in David Sarif's office early in the game and a large holographic moon can be found in the Picus Headquarters. Played straight with the hacking minigame, but it could be interpreted as just a visualization, with Adam's hacking aug is doing all the hard work for him. Played straight in this trailer.

Sort of used in the game itself; the silenced pistol is noisier than most versions of this trope, but it's not loud enough to be heard in a nearby room. The Harvester gang likes to kidnap people with augmentations and cut them out to either sell or install in themselves. Not a very nice group of people, all things considered.

Pritchard deus ex dating service. Deus Ex message while in police storage locker.

Which makes their frequent friendly-sounding compliments on your augmentations really creepy. This is also what powers the Hyron project. Reversed from the norm, in that alcohol provides health , while Cyberboost energy bars provide additional power for Adam's augmentations. Notably, Adam can apparently consume full bottles of vodka, boxes of candy bars, and entire jugs of whey protein in the time it takes to enter and exit the inventory menu. Justified in this case, as Adam's digestive system is augmented to break down ingested chemical fuel carbohydrates and proteins to charge the energy cells powering his augmentations, processing them through in a fraction of the time it would take a natural digestive system to break them down.

Adam has enough space for multiple weapons and their ammo, or energy bars. You can upgrade your inventory by increasing your arm strength, though this still leaves the question of where you're storing everything. It's even recursive - within the inventory, the weapons themselves take up the same number of inventory spaces whether unmodified or carrying every possible upgrade.

Thing is, he never thinks to do this before to make room, only when you apply the silencer. Anonymous X goes on a tirade about how Hengsha has been corrupted by money grubbing Westerners. He proceeds to charge you an absurd amount of money for information that is vital to solving a murder. You can call him out on this. The game is fueled entirely by allusions to the Icarus myth and the colour yellow. The Icarus Effect , which contain more allusions. There's an augment called the Icarus Landing System that prevents fall damage. There's a moment when Adam launches himself into space, and the rocket's projected user interface is circular and golden, like a symbolic sun; unsurprisingly, Adam then crashes into the ocean.

The Hyron Drones are bound into frames that keep their arms splayed out and their heads suspended downward, with feather-like steel elements jutting from around their shoulders. The metal elements glow yellow with heat, thus resembling winged people falling as they burn. There are many others; so many it might warrant a Drinking Game. The Boxguards are called such because they fold up into a cube when inactive.

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One memorable room has hundreds of the things on the walls, stacked together in compact form. When Jensen first encounters Zhao, he has plenty of intel telling him that she is a ruthless, powerful, amoral woman who has forged her world-spanning company by sheer grit. As such, when she pulls the damsel-in-distress routine, he simply stands there, apparently rebooting, while she maneuvers behind him and shoves him out of the panic room.

Sarif very rightly gives you shit for it.

Francis Pritchard

There's a fan theory that Zhao was using a CASIE mod , which would make Adam's complete disregard of everything he knows about her and his susceptibility to her incredibly transparent acting a bit more understandable; the CASIE is essentially a Stupidity-Inducing Attack. In the first main mission of the game Adam confronts a hacker in a server room. The hacker has his brain connected to the computer with a wire, and when he sees Adam he proceeds to shoot himself in the head with a trembling hand, clearly struggling and even asking Adam for help before the shot is fired. The thought never occurs to Adam that maybe the hacker was being forced to do this by someone controlling him.

In general, the scripted events in the game can put people off. Playing as a stealth-centric character still does not prevent Adam from busting down doors, firing guns, stabbing people or performing very un-stealthy actions in the cinematics. Depending on whether or not you do certain sidequests and pick up certain files during other missions Jensen can be holding this when it's clear that Megan's team was never murdered.

The details on how the attackers went to extreme lengths to destroy even the DNA of the bodies , the fact that Jensen never actually saw Megan killed and a message reassuring someone revealed to be Isaias Sandoval that it wasn't his fault and that he couldn't have predicted how far Sarif would go to ensure the team's loyalty are all enough to cast doubt on the idea that they're dead at least.

I Got You Covered: Adam tells Faridah this after their plane is shot down by Belltower. She tells him to get moving; it's up to the player whether or not to stick around and save her life. I Have Your Wife: Belltower is holding Tong's son hostage to ensure he stays cooperative. There's a reason why he helps you when you go to the Belltower-held docks. Activate the strength augmentation, and you can pick up refrigerators and dumpsters and use them as thrown weapons , and are almost instant death on most enemies.

These heavy items are also pretty sturdy and can be used as cover in a firefight. You can also break down doors by throwing fridges at them; the fridge is all-purpose! Even better than throwing fridges? Because for some reason they are a guaranteed One-Hit Kill on most enemies. Downplayed more and more the higher you set the game's difficulty. On normal difficulty, a headshot will sedate any and ALL enemies within a second. Shooting them anywhere else will take about 5 seconds for it to kick in. Pritchard's defining character trait; he believes he's smarter than Adam and never hesitates to point it out.

Let me know if you find something. Pretty sure I didn't. I'd assumed the man who took out both Barrett and Fedorova would have favored a more You ARE a tough one to read, Jensen. Your augs are just dead metal right now. Many weapons and augmentations only reach their full pontential when fully upgraded or used in concert with each other: The heavy rifle is horribly inaccurate and can only be fired from the hip because of its design, but attaching a laser sight and maxing the "recoil compensation" and "aim stabilizer" makes it as accurate as a pistol while maintaining it's power.

Similar upgrades and a target-seeking system can turn the machine pistol or combat rifle into headshot machines. When first unlocked cloaking is so ridiculously costly in energy that it's difficult to use at all. Once fully-upgraded it still won't let you fight whole battles invisible, but you can easily get from cover to cover undetected without using a single energy cell.

With increased energy regeneration you can do this quite rapidly. Make It Look Like an Accident: One of your options for dealing with Diamond Chan in the "Rotten Business" sidequest. Lee Hong tried to do this to cover up the murder of Evelyn Carmichael, but considering how he went about it, he would have been better off just hiding the body and hoping for the best.

Hugh Darrow ends up mixing it with Hate Plague. This game is meant to show the origins of Deus Ex, and the protagonist's name is Adam. Eliza, an AI, shares her name with the first well known chatbot. Additionally, her last name Cassan is probably short for Cassandra, a figure of Greek myth who was cursed to speak true prophecies that nobody would believe.

In the myth, she was the only one to foresee the fall of Troy. David Sarif's name sounds a lot like Seraph. And he does bring Adam back to life Confirmed in the Director's Cut commentary: The name Sarif was derived from Seraphim. In typography 'serifs' are small lines added to letters which may make them more readable, and the logo for Sarif Industries uses these serifs.

Even if the surname is a reference to Roger Zelazny it is likely that the choice of character to give it to was deliberate. Tai Yong Medical and less Sarif Industries. Men Can't Keep House: Adam was supposed to fence in the yard, but he never got around to it, and so Megan ended up doing it instead. And his apartment is a mess, though that is implied to be a direct result of his depression after being augmented. The Men in Black: A few of them show in the course of the game, especially in sidequests. Unlike the P-series from the original, these are more "traditional" human examples G-Men types with common Anglo-Saxon names as aliases.

The game inverts the trope by having all of the possible endings plausibly lead to the events of the first game. Adam Jensen's apartment is a complete mess. Although the game implies he's also depressed about his unwilling augmentation as well as finding out his dog got euthanized not just about Megan's death. Like in the original game, she's only mentioned and doesn't appear.

Appears in few mails and leads the Illuminati in Deus Ex. Lucius DeBeers is the leader of Illuminati, still active despite his advanced age. He urges Sarif to join the conspiracy. It's not uncommon to finish the game with credits in the tens of thousands. Early on you'll be struggling to get enough to buy Praxis Kits from the LIMB clinics though this can be exploited by picking up and selling guns one at a time since weapons are worth much more than ammo , while past the mid-point of the game or so you'll have more than enough through quest rewards, looting bodies or just finding it laying around.

And past the second trip to Hengsha or Rifleman Bank Station if playing the Director's Cut there are no merchants for the rest of the game, except for a LIMB clinic near the very end which you probably don't need. During the Detroit riots, one woman found in one of the back alleys will talk to her friend and express her doubts about the direction the government is heading, citing her belief that the moon landing in was staged as reason to doubt that the government is being honest with the current social situation.

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More Than Mind Control: The Social Enhancer augmentation comes with a system that allows you to release pheremones to influence a person. However, just releasing scents isn't enough, you need to have paid attention to the kind of person you're dealing with and choose the right kind of verbal response to get the person to talk. People who recognize that Jensen is using the aug can't be turned with it, though.

Notably, attempting to use it on Malik when you encounter her in the Alice Garden Pods will result in her telling you she will punch you if you try to use it on her.

This game provides examples of:

Amusingly, you can use it on your boss who had it installed in you to begin with. There is also a sidequest where you can talk-duel with a woman who has the same augmentation. It's left probably deliberately ambigious which side is more in the right in that particular conflict.

Not as rapid as other examples, but there's no particular explanation for it. Maybe she's just nervous all the time? After the Milwaukee mission, she asks how you feel about your augments. She then mentions that she has some neural augments to help her fly better. Perhaps they make her more energetic as well.

Adam's violent beatdown in the beginning is much bloodier and more brutal than the rest of the game, and the enemies in the Sarif Manufacturing Plant swear a lot more especially with the F-bomb. After that, the violence and language get toned down. Jensen uncovers the entire conspiracy, and must decide what he tells the world: The truth, which will villify augmentation technology, leading to a total ban.

It would explain why no one seems to have augmentations in Deus Ex, save for the secret agents and a few well-off criminals, although this could also be explained by the fact that most of the common people you meet in the game are poor. May also explain the absence of LIMB clinics. Lie on Taggart's behalf, which will villify corporations, leading to strict regulations. Lie on Sarif's behalf, which will villify special interest groups, totally deregulating augmentation possibly leading to the creation of the Grey Death as an alternate method of control.

It could also possibly result in the development of nanotech augs in a short period of time and leading to the Dentons' creation. Destroy The Very Definitely Final Dungeon , along with himself and all three major conspirators , leaving the public to decide the fate of augmentation technology for itself. Even though everyone dies, this ending still manages to be somewhat optimistic, as Adam notes that humanity has made the right choices in the past in regards to advancement, and has the opportunity to do so again, without the machinations of the people in Panchaea messing things up.

All of the endings' monologues will vary depending on how you played. If you were a jackass in conversations and gunned down tons of enemies, Adam's monologue will be very critical of himself. A more neutral playthrough will have Adam painting himself as a moral question mark. A benign playthrough will have Adam pointing out how he tried to keep his humanity. However, no matter which ending is chosen, Megan Reed will still end up working with Bob Page on the "nanite-virus chimera" technology, implied to either be the Gray Death or the project that would create the Dentons.

The social boss battles involve determining the NPC's personality type Alpha, Beta, or Omega during an initial exchange, then choosing the correct persuasion mode to get their cooperation. Hugh Darrow has this moment if you use the Social Enhancer to uncover that he actually staged the mass insanity of augmented people because he, as the creator of the augmentation technology, is one of the few people genetically incompatible with it and grew jealous of others over time.

It is also implied that he had a moment like this in the background when he created Hyron, as he pretty much outright says that Hyron is an example of what horrors human augmentation technology will inflict. A particularly notable one is that the radios in the game all play remixes of in-game music from the original Deus Ex. For the truely die-hard fans who remember every single detail: The first code you use in the game is There's a vent above Tong Jr. He'll hum the theme of the original game, and complain how he could use an orange soda, but the guards only give him Lemon-Lime Gunther in the original game is convinced the maintenance men at UNATCO purposely fill the vending machines with Lemon-Lime soda instead of orange to annoy him.

There's a security panel that will shut down life support to the final boss. The panel's programming is designed like the logo that appears on the title screen of the original Deus Ex the one shown on that page's image. Added in the Director's Cut edition, much to the delight of many fans. You can transfer all of your augmentations and Praxis points over to a new game. The fight with Jaron Namir when all you have is non-lethal armaments and stealth augmentations. Or if you count on your handy Typhoon, but fell prey to the Schmuck Bait described later. Before you board the helicopter the first time, you can go into the female restroom and Pritchard will chew you out for this , which has all the stalls occupied by gossiping staff members.

No Celebrities Were Harmed: Paranoid conspiracy theorist radio host Lazarus sounds a lot like Alex Jones, in both voice and material. No Cutscene Inventory Inertia: In the director's cut, directions were given to the developers animating the cutscenes that they couldn't show Jensen using any guns, or using any augmentations that he didn't start with, in order to avert this trope. One example of this is when Jensen, in a cutscene, picks up a pistol from the ground to shoot somebody.

You probably would have already had a similar Punch-Packing Pistol by this point, but the developers had to assume Jensen was working with an empty inventory.

Jenny Alexander

The Missing Link segment. When captured, you lose all your gear as well as any upgrades you've made to your augmentations. There's even an achievement for completing this section without acquiring new gear or augs. Notably, the game manages to cross this trope with Bag of Spilling - The Missing Link was originally a standalone expansion, with no means of importing your inventory or augmentation choices from the main game.

In the Director's Cut version, all of your original gear is waiting for you at the end of the level, as well as enough Praxis points to fully replace all your lost upgrades. The Director's Cut version actually plays with this trope. While the player's original weapons are recoverable early on, ammunition for the more powerful ones remains scarce - nonexistent in some cases - until the player recovers the rest of their equipment at the end of the level.

Further complicating matters, the player only has a limited amount of Praxis points when they find their weapons, forcing some potentially hard decisions between abandoning a powerful but currently unusable weapon and spending one or more Praxis points on inventory space when other augmentations are more immediately useful. Despite your boss spending what must have been an absolute fortune to turn the PC who is the head of security into an augmented super soldier, you still need to pay for your own augmentation upgrades.

Considering you are trying to track down a mercenary group that killed half a dozen scientists and are planning some kind of conspiracy that would dramatically change the outlook of the company, you really should have a platinum company credit card that makes credits meaningless. Although in the last case, there is some justification: Delivered to Adam at the beginning of the game by Jaron Namir. His injuries were so bad, he was forced to become augmented in order to survive. Some of the possible takedowns border on this.

This is down to Rule of Cool and a way of showing that Adam might enjoy his new abilities a little more than he lets on. In the Director's Cut, Eliza's mainframe room now has a second floor that contains pumps that flood the first floor with gas. They work wonders on Fedorova, but must be a nightmare for anyone working there. Sure, there is a button that opens up the ceiling and lowers ladders, but for some incomprehensible reason there is no ladder running all the length of the elevator shaft, but a few platforms connected by short ladders, and you have to bridge the remaining gaps by climbing on pipes and such.

The game hands out XP for a variety of non-combat tasks. Players receive XP every time they successfully hack computers, complete missions, or win a "social battle" i. You also can get a huge amount of XP for going through an entire level without being seen. The Mexicantown Massacre is apparently an important part of Jensen's past, but the exact details are never explained. What is known is that it involved a year old augmented criminal who apparently was dangerous enough that SWAT was called in, and they were ordered to shoot to kill due to worries that his augments would protect him from nonlethal weapons and allow him to potentially kill several of the officers singlehandedly.

Jensen refused, while Haas obeyed orders and killed the kid, resulting in a massive riot. A smaller one is heard between two conversing Belltower troops about the Red Dust incident. Jensen can give this speech to Dr Wing on Zelazny's behalf. One is a doctor who hired a cyborg to prevent a rogue supersoldier from wreaking havok, the other is a supersoldier who went rogue to forcibly end a program which was creating supersoldiers to wreak havok for the highest bidder.

Wing concludes that you have a point and he needs to think about it. O'Malley claims that you and him aren't so different, that you and him both see the world as cold, hard facts, if you choose the "Cold" option when you confront him about his corruption. Instantly going from mild violence and lots of enemies to gore and silence is terrifying to say the least.

The fact that there is nobody for the 10 minute lead-up to confronting Darrow only exacerbates this. During the same quest, Pritchard sincerely asks Jensen to be careful. Pritchard is first seen in Human Revolution during the prologue, heading up to Athene Margoulis ' desk to explain the methods that will be used in tracking SI scientists during the augmentation hearing in Washington.

Later, after Adam returns from his post-augmentation sick leave, Pritchard quickly fixes his retinal display, saying that right and left image processors were not completely in sync, goading Jensen in the process. During the Milwaukee factory mission, he provides logistical support for Jensen, and serves as a way of communicating with David Sarif. Jensen recovers the Neural Hub from a dead augmented Purity First member and Pritchard examines it, revealing that it has been modified with a wetdrive that allows to turn the hub's owner into a human proxy, he sends Jensen to disable a transmission in Derelict Row, and afterwards traces the origin of the hacker to an abandoned factory in Highland Park.

Following Sarif Industries' bankruptcy after the Aug Incident , Pritchard found new employment as a freelance hacker under the alias of "Nucl3arSnake", while still basing himself in Detroit. Despite not believing Jensen's claims about the Illuminati , he nonetheless supplied him with news extracts that he believed could potentially link certain powerful individuals to them. After taking up residence in Detroit's Rialto movie theatre, Francis is contacted by Jensen and helps Jensen and Stacks escape from Alaska.

After making it to Detroit, Pritchard then aids Jensen in stopping the illegal theft of former Sarif Industries augmentations, with some help from members of the Juggernaut Collective. Several months later, Pritchard contacts Jensen, now in Prague , and reminded Jensen that he owed him for aiding in his escape from Alaska. Pritchard asks Jensen to return the favor by helping him vet the Santeau Group for a client of his. Ultimately, Jensen aids Pritchard by infiltrating the Palisade Blade and accessing its mainframe to extract the information Pritchard needed from it, inadvertently causing the largest Breach in Palisade 's cyber-security in history.

While he shows no physical signs of mechanical augmentation, it is suggested that Pritchard is augmented; after he contacts Jensen during the second visit to Hengsha , and the augmentation glitches are mentioned, Pritchard replies with "We've all had them," suggesting that he was experiencing the glitches as well. He also states that he will look into the new biochip more before getting it himself. Evidently he did not decide to upgrade before Hugh Darrow's signal is broadcast, since he communicates normally with Jensen over the comms at the beginning of the final mission.

It can be assumed that he has cerebral hacking augmentations. For any of us. Sign In Don't have an account?