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Please look at all the pictures and ask questions before bidding. The small knife is a great one to repair only needing a pen blade. The sway back knife is a very early piece with a lot of wear. I bought and sold knives for a number of years and I have accumulated a Reads on Axe E. Simmons, Keen Kutter Cutlery Tools. Nice keen kutter marked spoke shave draw knife. In excellent condition with no breaks or repairs.

dating axe heads

Very nice Keen Kutter K Lightly block sanded sole and sides to accent surface and crystalline waxed to protect. As most know the K is based on the early Bedrock design. These planes both have sold main castings. Both are losing their originally japanning. Old knife sold As-Is.

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Good snap and no wobble. Blade has wobble, sold as-is. Plane has rust and grime never cleaned or restored. Any questions or offers feel free to message me. Brass Liners and Steel Pins.

Axe Restoration

Part of a large estate collection of E. Simmons Keen Kutter tools. The poll has a few dings, the logo is crisp and the head shows a few dings. Vintage Keen Kutter Axe Head 3. Up for sale is one advertising wall clock.

Keen Kutter axes

The front lens is glass. Using a broad axe requires a great deal of skill and physical strength, and the necessary skills are growing uncommon, due to the proliferation of mechanized logging equipment which does the same job. It is still sometimes possible to purchase broad axes from logging supply companies and hardware stores. A typical broad axe has two distinct sides.

Need help in dating early axe head

On one side, the blade of the axe is flat, making it easy to create a smooth edge. On the other, the blade is beveled, allowing the user to wedge it into the wood. When squaring timber, the flat side is faced against the side of the timber, while the bevel side faces the scrap edge, allowing the user to create a smooth edge with one stroke. Because broad axes have two distinct sides, there are right and left hand versions with handles to match. The most classical use of a broad axe was for creating square timbers such as those used to brace homes and make railroad ties. Once a tree had been felled, a lightweight axe was used to lightly score the timber in a straight line, creating a mark to follow with a broad axe.

The user stood on the log to wield the broad axe, and brought it down in powerful blows which were designed to split the timber along the line, creating a squared edge. Once one edge had been made, the log could be flipped to begin on the next edge. If you ever enter a structure which was constructed in the era when logging was accomplished by hand, you will probably be able to see the strokes of a broad axe on the timbers.

Someone who was experienced with the broad axe and in peak physical condition could churn out scores of timbers a day, ensuring the the production line was not clogged by timber waiting to be processed. In addition to being used to create square timber, a broad axe can also be used to make octagonal timbers, such as those classically used as the masts for ships. A skilled user could also utilize a broad axe to make flooring planks. An undisciplined hunter with a highly capable machine will miss many more targets than a disciplined hunter with a limited machine. Need help in dating early axe head I know it looks very old and intact and intriguing, so I will linger here for a definitive ID.

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Meanwhile, I'm interested to know: What size is it? What is the blue 'cable ID' type thingy? Shoe Printing Plate Donated. Lost Ring for 50 Years Returned. Need help in dating early axe head Dachief, I would like to commend you on that complete ID. For those of us that not only enjoy finding out what we find but, also the history that goes with it means a lot! We have kids years old That love this site and huddle around the computer every day to see what people find and what the items were used for.

Re: Need help in dating early axe head

This is the only forum I frequent, and we have enlightened many children for fun and educational purposes. To see ID's like this are refreshing! Keep up the fine work! Sincerely, Staff and Kids Swannanoa 4-h child education center and camps. Originally Posted by trikikiwi. I know it looks very old and intact and intriguing, so I will linger here for a definitive ID.

Keen Kutter axes | Bushcraft USA Forums

Need help in dating early axe head I dont think you can know the age with no marks on it as these are still made and sold today. At around 4" it is a broad hatchet, broad axes are around 10"- 12'' wide. Need help in dating early axe head That axe is not of modern manufacture, it is absolutely hand forged, the eye area is convex and is unevenly tapered to the business end. If factory made all planes would be flat tapers. I would date it at the latest and is probably much older.

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Need help in dating early axe head I gotta side with TAZ a bit on this one One face is ground flat to the cutting edge, enabling the tool to be swung flush along a surface. It's made for right-handed use, convertible to left-hand by remounting the head on a new handle. I have a collection of vintage Broad Axes