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Have you taken a family pilgrimage lately? This ancient Christian practice is spiritually edifying. Investigate pilgrimage sites near you, like a shrine or major church, and make plans to visit. For Your Marriage is here to support you! Marriage Unique for a Reason. USCCB assumes no responsibility for these websites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations.

General Dating Sites Match. Catholic Dating Sites Catholic dating sites have opposite strengths and weaknesses.

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The Nuptial Blessing Words worth meditating on for all couples - not just the engaged. The Questions Before Consent The complete text of this solemn moment. Marriage Readiness Finding the right person can be easier than being the right person. View Previous Marriage Tips.

What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide? | Life and style | The Guardian

Planning a Catholic Wedding. Obstacles to a Healthy Marriage Lifelong marriage is still the ideal.

What gets in the way of thi Signs of a Successful Relationship Want a good relationship? Look for these signs. Is online dating a waste of time if I want to get married? Step back and consid Reasons not to Marry Marriage is a big decision, be sure you're doing it for the right A Catholic marriage is more than a contract, it is a sacrament.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages Marrying someone of another faith? A few things to consider. A Letter from a Newlywed Couple Marriage is full of surprises - just wait for them. Encouragement and Enrichment Good marriages can always be made better! Marital Sexuality The two purposes of marital sexuality: Books, a movie, and webmaster's comments about interfaith marriage. Not a sponsored link. Beliefnet is a multifaith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting, captivating and engaging way. They are independent and are not affiliated with a particular religion or spiritual movement.

You can choose from among: Seasonal events Science vs. Laws and news 2.

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Gays in the military. About this site About us Our beliefs Is this your first visit? Interfaith marriages Sponsored link. Topics covered in this section: Overview, marriage stability, some data Divorce: Encouraging word; avoiding divorce, personal story, conclusions How couples handle their religious differences Specific problems arising in interfaith marriages Books, a movie, and webmaster's comments about interfaith marriage Part 1: Books about interfaith marriages involving a spouse of Muslim or other faith.

Comments on interfaith marriages. The marriage may be legal, he notes, but is it a wise choice?

Those are questions that may also need to be explored in marriage preparation. If they wish to marry elsewhere, they must get permission from the local bishop. Conference of Catholic Bishops. A minister may offer a few words, but he or she may not officiate or preside at a joint ceremony. It is generally recommended that ecumenical or interfaith weddings not include Communion.

Online Dating Gets Religion: Spiritual Profile Crucial To Many Seeking Romance

Therefore, most ecumenical or interfaith weddings take place outside of Mass: If an ecumenical couple wants to celebrate their wedding within Mass , they must get permission from the bishop, Hater says. Stricter branches of Judaism, such as Orthodox and Conservative, forbid or strongly discourage Jews from marrying non-Jews and prohibit their rabbis from participating in interreligious marriage ceremonies. The Reform branch of Judaism strongly discourages interfaith marriages, but there is no legal prohibition against it as there is in the stricter branches.

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Often, a Catholic-Jewish wedding is held at a neutral site — with permission from the bishop — so that neither family will feel uncomfortable. In such cases, a rabbi is likely to officiate. The couple needs to have a dispensation from canonical form for such a wedding to be valid in the Catholic Church. Traditionally, Jews consider any child of a Jewish woman to be Jewish. The question of what faith in which to raise children must be an ongoing topic of dialogue between the couple and during marriage preparation.

Islamic men may marry outside of their faith only if their spouse is Christian or Jewish. In fact, the prophet Muhammed had a Christian wife and Jewish wife. A non-Muslim wife is not required to adopt any Muslim laws, and her husband cannot keep her from attending church or synagogue. However, Islamic women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men unless the spouse agrees to convert to Islam.

For Catholics and Muslims, one of the most difficult aspects of marriage is the religion of the children.

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Both faiths insist that the children of such marriages to be part of their own religious faith. Such issues will continue to be challenges for Catholics marrying outside the faith in this increasingly diverse world, Hater writes. Every marriage has challenges.

The good news is there are many dedicated staff willing to work with you and your spouse Have you taken a family pilgrimage lately?